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In addition to repairing and replacing, Carglass® takes steps in sustainability!


Carglass ® received the Gold rating, by Ecovadis, in relation to the performance in the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility. Find out why!
At Carglass ® we look to the future with confidence and we believe that it is increasingly necessary to find solutions for more sustainable products and services. With this ever-present thought, the entire group is working towards a healthier planet.
Recently, Carglass® was awarded the Gold rating, by Ecovadis, in relation to performance in Corporate Social Responsibility activities!
And sta distinction to o, was received by the brand with pride and only reinforced the idea of the opening paragraph, do more and better for the planet where we live. On the other hand, it shows the constant concern with the environment, workers, and customers.

Thus, the distinction ends up also being an achievement of hard work carried out throughout the year by the entire Carglass® team and where the following changes were implemented:

–   Sustainable Consumption – By carrying out repairs instead of replacing windshields, in just 1 year, we saved on the production of 421 Tons of automobile glass!

–  Recycling of waste generated – Compared to the same period in 2018, we saw an increase of 23%.

–  Reduction consumption pla septic – Only in 2019 we avoid the consumption of 25,000 plastic cups to replace them with reusable options;

–  Reduction of the CO2 emissions both direct and indirect – In addition, we have included electric vehicles in our fleet that have also made investments to make our facilities with more efficient lighting.

Indeed, it was gestures like this that led Carglass® to be awarded and to now integrate the batch of 10% of the companies best classified at this level. This is proof that relaçõ es the brand sets will build a better world.

With a focus on Commitment to this, Solidarity, Genuine and Collaboration, Carglass ® is committed to contributing to a more sustainable world for today’s society and for future generations. It also promises to continue to promote good practices with people, the environment and society in order to contribute to the sustainability of future generations.
Special thanks to all who contribute to this achievement!