What is window tinting?

Window Tinting 101

Window tinting is a process that involves applying a darker shade to the windows and glass on automotive vehicles in order to reduce or reflect sunlight, thereby reducing glare and keeping the automotive cooler overall. Tinting can be used to protect automobiles from the sun’s damaging heat and radiation, as well as providing privacy to the vehicle’s users and security for items left in the vehicle.

Window tinting film blocks some of the ultraviolet radiation from entering the vehicle, and this is useful for reducing the amount of heat entering the vehicle. As well as blocking some of the ultraviolet radiation, window tinting also blocks out some of the visible light and solar heat.

Window tinting can be advantageous for maintaining an air-conditioning system within the vehicle, as it can get to work more quickly, using less fuel.  Window tinting can also protect your vehicle’s internal fixtures and fittings by reducing color fade and stopping upholstery from cracking. This is a great way to take care of your car and maintain your investment for many years to come, all for an affordable price tag.

Six Great Reasons Why You Should Have Tinted Windows

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Enhanced Privacy

Window tinting is a great way to give you privacy in your vehicle – tinting can ensure that no one can sneak a look at any belongings you’ve left in your car. If a thief can’t see what’s in your car, they’re way less likely to risk breaking in and turning up nothing of value

Car Interior Protection

Strong sunlight can cause your dashboard, upholstery and carpets to fade, and intense heat can cause your leather interiors to crack. Window tinting reduces the glare, helping to keep your car in good condition and protecting your investment over time.

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Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Window tinting can reduce the sun’s damaging rays from entering your vehicle. This way, you can stay cool and you don’t have to put your air-conditioning into overdrive! In winter, window tinting reduces excessive heat loss from your car, meaning that you stay cozier in your vehicle without having to crank the heater.

Reduced Glare

The glare of the sun can be an awful strain on your eyes while driving, and can inhibit what you can see on the road. Window tinting reduces the glare, giving you a better vision of the road and reducing the strain on your eyes.

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Protection against Ultraviolet Rays

Window tinting blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that comes from direct sun contact. Window tinting can help to protect against skin damage by blocking 99% of the rays from entering your vehicle – a huge plus if you spend hours in your car commuting each week.

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